FUNDRAISE with us! Raise money selling kettle corn! We can help support financial needs for schools, church groups, athletic programs, charities, and community organizations. We offer several fundraising options to choose from:

Option 1: Event 

Hosting a charitable event or an organized school or sports function? We come out to you free of charge and sell kettle corn to your attendees. At the end of the event we donate a percentage of the event's profit. 

Option 2: Pre-sale Ordering

This option is for large groups of individuals such as sport clubs, school clubs, church groups, or any other organized group in need. Order forms are issued to each individual of the participating group or club and collect orders and money from friends and family. The fundraising coordinator (selected by your organization) oversees the fundraiser and acts as spokesperson and communicates with us. The coordinator selects a deadline and collects all forms and funds and submits to us. A percentage of the proceeds from the fundraiser's profit will be delivered when are orders are filled. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

Option 3: Consignment

Your organization can order pre-popped bags of kettle corn for immediate sale. No upfront costs, free delivery, great for indoor and outdoors events (when live popping is not available), great way to fundraise in a short time frame. *3-5 day advance notice for ordering.*

Get started right away and CONTACT US to schedule your fundraiser!